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Companion care is for seniors that have no or no major health issues and are living independent in their home.  The needs of elderly companion care are different for everyone.  The main tasks of companion care are to provide emotional support, improve the quality of life, and to provide companionship.  Complete Respite will help you with finding senior companion services in your area that provide outstanding companion care that best meets your needs.

Who comes to your home to provide Companion Care?

A certified, professional caregiver comes to your loved to help them right at home. You can request companion care hourly, weekly, monthly and even overnight. Home Companion Care can be incredibly helpful in making the life of your loved one comfortable and enjoyable.

What types of Companion Care are there?

Live-in companion care and In-home companion care are the most common types.  Live-in companion care offers 24h/day assistance for the elderly. In-home companion care involves shorter stays where the caregiver takes care of your loved on an hourly or short-term basis.

What does a Companion Care professional do?

A companion care professional is specialized in serving as an elderly companion and will help your loved one with daily activities.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Basic companionship

    • Playing cards

    • Crafts

    • Spending time outside at the park

    • Enjoying music or a show together

    • Cooking or baking together

  • Personal Care

    • Standing, walking

    • Bathing, toileting, getting dressed

    • Answering the phone & door

    • Handling mail

    • Medication & Appointment reminders

  • Light Housekeeping

    • Grocery shopping

    • Preparing meals

    • Making beds

    • Other light tasks

  • Transportation

    • Doctor appointment

    • Grocery shopping

    • Hair appointment

How to get started with Companion Care?

Getting started with companion care is easy thanks to our powerful search system.  After finding a match, we will help you connect with the companion care provider.  It is important to understand that you will enter in an agreement with the companion care provider, not with Complete Respite.  We are committed to introduce and connect you with the companion care provider that best meets your needs, and someone that you would like to work with. 

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