Respite Care for Caregivers

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Taking care of your loved one can be very demanding and sometimes an extra hand is needed to offer care. Complete Respite offers short term or long term respite care for caregivers who need temporary relief.  This allows the primary caregiver to attend to other matters that need their attention or just to get some much needed rest and relief while knowing that their loved one is in good hands.

Respite care for your loved ones

Complete Respite is here to help you connect with a respite care provider that offers short term relief for primary caregivers.  Your loved one is taken care off for as long as you’d like.  This can be an afternoon, several days or weeks.  You can choose to have a professional respite caregiver for your loved one at home, in a healthcare facility, or at a day center.

Respite care for the elderly

We offer assistance in connecting you with a licensed professional caregiver or healthcare facility that provides respite care for the elderly in your area. ,As our loved ones all have different needs, it is important that you get respite care that covers all of your wishes and requirements, and best meets those needs.

How often can a caregiver ask for respite care?

A caregiver can ask for respite care whenever you need relief from taking care of your loved one.  This can be an hour, a day, a week, or longer.  We can help if you’re looking for a one time rest, or if you need regular help in taking care of your loved one for a period of time.

What types of respite care are there?

Complete Respite finds and connects you with professional caregivers who are specialized in the following fields of care:

  • Companion Care

  • Personal Care

  • Overnight Care

  • Memory Care

  • Dementia and Alzheimer's Care

In-Home respite care or at a Licensed Healthcare Facility

You can have respite care for caregivers with your loved one being attended to in the comfort of your home or at a licensed healthcare facility.  We will guide you to facilitate the decision making on your part if you are not sure which option is better for you. 

How to get started with Respite Care for Caregivers?

Getting started with respite care for caregivers is easy thanks to our powerful search system.  After finding a match, we will help you connect with the Respite Care provider.  It is important to understand that you will enter in an agreement with the Respite Care provider, not with Complete Respite -- we merely introduce and connect you with the Respite Care provider you would most like to work with and who best meets your needs. 

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